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Today’s thrift finds January 6th 2020

Common threads
22049 Lorain Rd, Fairview Park, OH 44126

I love thrifting on Monday’s the kids are in school and I get my alone time. I have a list of stores I shop each week. I usually will be in the thrift stores Monday’s & Thursday’s. I will let you know more about my favorite stores in future post. Today I went to common threads located in Fairview Park, Ohio ( a suburb of Cleveland’s west side). Common threads offers daily deals so you get the most for your money! okay!!! I get excited about money saving as you can tell!

Daily deals

I made my list the night before and I did not want to spend more than $20. Remember to always have a plan before wasting your time and money it’s just the smart thing to do! If you want to know more about how I plan my thrifting adventures read here ——> Thrifting basics 101

Me trying on things I don’t need lol

I was looking for toy dishes for my sons play kitchen I recently purchased. And a children’s chair because this kid is obsessed with chairs. So I found my dishes, a Elmo desk $13.00 ( I purchased that from Facebook market place also a great resource to find second hand goods). I also found things I was not looking for but totally could not pass up a sesame Street children’s suitcase and valentine day cards for the boys. My total for everything with discounts $20.70! I went over 70 cents due to taxes it happens sometimes lol.

My savings for 25% off Monday’s
Elmo desk for Zayn
Play dishes
Valentines for the boys
Children’s suitcase

What are some of your favorite stores to go to during the week ? please share!

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The basics of thrift shopping

1. Always make a list

Not only do I love to save big bucks on products and goods. There is usually a strategy I like to stick to while I’m out shopping.

I like to stick to certain pieces I’m interested at the time (and yes Pinterest is my best friend) you can get great inspiration to get your imagination going. For example I am currently furnishing a basement as a recreation/ play/ craft room. I was looking for a play kitchen and toys that will keep my son who is 1 entertained.

Play kitchen half off Monday’s totaling $3.49

You should not get discouraged if you do not find what you are looking you will definitely find what you are looking for if you keep up the hunt.

2. Set a weekly/monthly budget

Let’s face it we all have bills, maybe a family, and automobiles we have to keep up with and so on. I try to not use credit cards only when I have to so in my eyes cash is king! I make list ( I’m obsessed with list making) of my monthly obligations you know mortgage, bills, daycare, recreational adventures, savings, personal, and thrifting . I even have went old school to putting all my funds into labeled envelopes. Yes we 90s kids rule!

3. Look for clothing you would buy at a department store.

Before I had my third baby boy

There are so many brand name items from Victoria secrect, Nike, Tommy Hilfigure, and I’ve even spotted Gucci & Dior. If you do not like to waste your money do not buy something you will never wear just because it is a great deal. I’m guilty I have done this in the past. All the excitement can really get you thinking I look good in anything and I can afford it lol . I also try on my clothing because I’m short and chubby so I always have to make sure it looks good. I have had a whole cart of clothing I thought would look good on me and only find a couple items that fit correctly. Try on and move on! My last tip on clothing is to always wash before you wear it’s a sanitary thing for myself.

I did not get this dress because I did not like my mom pouch! I’m still working on losing
that baby fat.

4. Get your dishes, Furniture, Paintings linens, and house wares from thrift stores.

Found this soup mug for 50 cents.

Sure you can go to Walmart and get everything you need for your home but why not go to your local thrift store you can get lower prices and you are giving back to your community at that. I look for things that stick out to me like linens, vintage dishes, small kitchen appliances, art work, and old furniture that I can up-cycle. Creativity is key to get the look you want.

Did you know? By law in Ohio at least thrift stores are required to sanitize certain items.

Find out more here Sanitation guidelines

Stainless steal mixer set
Vintage small crockpot perfect for dips!
I up-cycled the small table and all the accessories and art are from the thrift store besides the elephants were a gift.
Gallery wall in my living room.

5. Buy maternity clothing, baby clothing and items, children clothing, shoes, and toys you name it.

First shoes for Zayn

Let’s be real kids grow super fast. And kids are expensive. I save so much money on kids clothing to toys. I can find Carters and Nike for my boys ( I’m a boy mom). You just have to hunt for what you like. When I was pregnant with my son in 2018 I wanted to get some clothing that would grow with my expanding belly so I went to my local thrift store and found what I was looking for. You can by bedding, cribs, changing tables, strollers, baby bottles, diaper genies, it’s pretty amazing to be able to stay on a budget and get your new love bug everything you need.

Pro Tips

  • Research any recalls on children & baby items safety first!
  • Please wash and and sanitizer everything just to be safe!
My maternity dress! I loved showing off my bump.
Toys for for my toddler.
Both coats are from the thrift store.

6. Buy your seasonal items

I love to be festive and celebrate anything! I love summer, spring, fall winter. I’m always decorating for a upcoming holiday or season. You can always find seasonal items at the thrift store. One of my favorite money saving tricks is to go shopping end of holiday or season and get clearance items up to 90% off. Now that is some great savings $$$

Ugly Christmas sweater day at school! We got creative and made this everything is from the thrift store. He had an attitude 10 year olds!
Easter baskets I thrifted
Summer pitcher for outdoors entertainment
Outdoor furniture&rug for summa summa time

7. Things I do not buy

This is my personal outlook on that I will not purchase everyone has there own preference.

  • Underwear
  • Mattresses
  • Food
  • Hair brushes
  • Make-up

If these items are new in packaging then I might say yes!

Please share your comments and what you love or dislike about thrifting.

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About Me

I am born and raised in Ohio. I’m from a city called Lorain, OH. I am in my early thirties and I am currently living in cleveland, OH.

People from cleveland love to brag about their city. Weird but true.

I am a wife, mother, small business owner, and a hot mess at times. I decided to start sharing my experiences with you about the thing I do in my spare time thrifting. I am a shopper aka shopaholic! I know your thinking how can this lady be able to afford shopping with a family to take care of & bills to pay? It’s hard to shop with little to no money so I will share how I first got into thrifting. I was a spoiled child I got whatever I wanted (thanks mom and dad). I soon realize as a adult living on my own I could not afford the finer thing in life I once had. I started to find other resources to be able to afford my wants and needs. I discovered GoodWill (as if! it’s been there for years lol I had just got the 411). If your not familiar with this place you need to get with it ASAP!

Goodwill was my first thrifting experience.

It is a second hand store where clothing and goods are donated and distributed back into the community for a small price or not so small price depending on where you shop. The day I found goodwill I was hooked the rest is history. My number one rule to share with you is if you find something you like or love please buy it now! It will definitely not be in store the next time you visit by the way some stores will let you do a hold for so many hours. I have learned in my 10 years of thrifting in Lorain county and Cuyahoga county the daily deals and what times and days to get the most for your money. I also would like to add that I always donate especially when I’m cleaning out mine and the kids closets back to local thrift shops. This way I’m giving back to the community and not producing waste. Most of my advice will be coming from a local of cleveland Ohio. I can not wait to inform and educate on the treasure hunt and money saving techniques I have been working on for the past couple years! Enjoy! Happy thrifting!

Me at a local thrift store in cleveland,Ohio trying on hats. Love vintage!

What is thrifting?

The definition of thrifting
the quality of using money and other resources carefully and not wastefully.
Why would someone want to get into this lifestyle? My answer would have to be that I love a great deal and I’m cheap yes I said it! I love to treasure hunt and get the most for my hard working money or my husbands money. I am here to give you tips, keep you entertained, informed, and just share my thoughts and knowledge on the subject. Now let’s get this thrift party started. As you can see I’m corny and I’m okay with that because that’s who I am!

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