January Thrift finds: Housewares

Every month I try to keep to a list of hunting for things I need or want and I have been into cooking and making my house a home I wanted to start buying things I need for my kitchen. The kitchen is the heart of my home and I spend most of my timeContinue reading “January Thrift finds: Housewares”

Thrift Shopping How to Guide

I have been a experience thrift shopper for 12 years and I have learned alot from taking time to critique my craft. There are days I can hunt for hours and days when I have no time in the day to think straight and I have to get my thrift fix (just to clarify IContinue reading “Thrift Shopping How to Guide”

My favorite Thrift Store Sales days in Cleveland Ohio

I am a westsider of Cleveland and these are my favorite stores and sales. I am all about saving money and getting the best deals in Cleveland, Ohio I put together a list of my favorite thrift stores and the sale days I shop. Enjoy!! . My Tips Go often. Thrift stores get new merchandiseContinue reading “My favorite Thrift Store Sales days in Cleveland Ohio”