DIY: Dollar Tree Cupcake Stand/Dessert Stand

I am a thrifter and I love a great bargain as most of you know I am cheap. The month of January I was hunting for housewares (read here my January finds) I found a beautiful Tea set for one and I wanted to have my own tea party.( pics will be coming soon of my tea party). I made my list to hunt for a cupcake stand and I am telling you those things are very hard to come by in the thrift store. As soon as the cupcake/dessert stands come on to the floor they are gone. I had to think of a way to get what I want but at a low cost and I love the dollar tree I mean who doesn’t every thing is one dollar! I had a thought I am going to make my own. I mean how hard could it be I needed a couple of trays, some super glue, and something to put in the middle of my trays. I got my purse and keys and ran to the dollar tree to get my supplies.

Here’s what you need

  • Superglue
  • 3 trays or cake trays
  • 2 candle holders

#1 Apply Glue

I applied the glue to the base and rim of the candle holder. Super easy but be careful not to get on your skin. I was picking at my skin because I did not wear my gloves.

#2 Get your tray’s

I then took my tray and layed it flat on my counter top. I put the base of the candle holder (with glue) on the tray and pressed down (not too hard) and I grabbed the other tray and I put it on the rim of the candle holder. I did this one more time to create a three layer tray.

#3 Apply a heavier object to tray

I applied a candy dish to the top of my tray and let try for three hours. I gave it more time because I wanted to make sure my trays did not fall apart.

Finished Product for $6

And there you have it a perfect and budget friendly cupcake/dessert stand for only Six dollars. This dessert stand would be perfect for a birthday party , wedding, and tea parties.

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