January Thrift finds: Housewares

Every month I try to keep to a list of hunting for things I need or want and I have been into cooking and making my house a home I wanted to start buying things I need for my kitchen. The kitchen is the heart of my home and I spend most of my time there anyways so I might as well get some tools that will come in handy. I am not the best cook but I try. I was working full time at this office gig I had and I was crazy busy no time to think no time to do absolutely anything but come home and cook, bath time, sleep, and start over again the next day. I dreaded my week. Anyways I went on a hunt to find things that will help me make life easier and this is what I found.

TEA Anyone?

Cute and delicate like me ha

Let’s start with the tea set. I am a tea drinker and a favorite past time of mine I loved to go to the store with my mom and I always asked for the plastic toy tea set. I really have been getting back to the things that make me happy because let’s face it being a grown up is boring at times and I wanted to bring out the inner kid in me. Well I love to drink tea and I just needed a grown up set for myself. I snagged this tea set for one for $4 at Common Threads in Fairview park, Ohio. I will also be hosting a tea set in the spring. Also watch out for my DIY to how to make a cupcake stand for under $5 from the Dollar Tree.

Tupperware makes life better!

Veggie steamer

I am not a Tupperware consultant just wanted to add that. I have social media, who doesn’t now a days and you see so many business being advertised right? I seen a friend of mine post a video of her cooking with Tupperware. I of course was interested because it makes life easier right!? I seen what i liked and whoa it was very expensive and if you are like me then you will shop at the thrift store to see if you can find the same thing for way less. I didn’t find the steam a whole meal thingy I wanted but I found a vintage veggie steamer and also you can steam meat if you like but I just like the veggies. This one I picked up for $2 at Common Threads in Brook Park, Ohio. Also see how I clean and sanitize my dish-ware.

Juice is LIFE!

Best damn juicer for under $12

I remember growing up and seeing the Jack Lalanne juice infomercial as a kid and was like wow that is coolest thing ever you can really make juice from fruit lol I know it was amazing. Now let me remind you I am an adult and it is January right and most of us want to be on the healthy track NEW YEAR NEW ME crap lol so I wanted a juicer. I looked up the price and holy moly $80 bucks! So I went on a hunt and found a similar one like this on here for only $12 from Value World in Lakewood, Ohio. The juicer was originally $24 at the thrift store but I had an exclusive VIP coupon from signing up for Value world’s mailing list so I got a great deal. The juice is amazing when you juice it yourself.

Lastly I found all of this for under $20

Yes I am a great budget shopper and I make a list I stick to the budget and get what I need for about 90% off of the original cost at a department store. I have other random finds I included. Want to learn how i do it check out my how to thrift shop guide here.

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More pictures to get you excited to thrift shop

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