Thrift Shopping How to Guide

I have been a experience thrift shopper for 12 years and I have learned alot from taking time to critique my craft. There are days I can hunt for hours and days when I have no time in the day to think straight and I have to get my thrift fix (just to clarify I am no junkie i just love what i do). I have put together 5 tips on how I save time weather you have 30 minutes to shop or the whole day. I have came up with a successful strategy to get you organized and save you money.

#1 Make your list

I’m not talking christmas list but your thrift list( it feels like it at time, I am a big kid). I start by going through my house. I look in my closet, cupboards, or my notes on my iphone to see what I have wants and needs. Here is how you figure out your needs and wants. For example I want that michael kors bag behind the counter today priced $19.98 but my budget tells me it’s not possible due to the fact i have to buy groceries and diaper my child. Here is a tip, the MK bag may still be there next week if so I will get it half off. I will pray to the thrift gods it all works in my favor. My needs would be I need an air humidifier. It is winter here in ohio and the heat from the furnace is dry and that mean stuffy noses waking up and feeling like crap and that’s a big NO for me! This is how I organize my wants and needs. Prioritize based on what feels best.

#2 Set your budget

If only I could have unlimited amounts of spending money I would never work and I would be in the thrift store or traveling the world, a girl can only dream! This is a skill i had to work hard to achieve because I am a spender at least at the dollar tree where everythings a buck! I write out my finances for the money you know mortgage, electric bill, groceries, and etc…I use the envelope system with cash it helps me from making impulsive buys it works well for me to keep track of my spending. I set my budget for the week. I usually give myself $20 a week. This is all up to your budget.

#3 Hunt for sales of the week and check your Email

I am very knowdlegable about the thrift store sales in the cleveland area. I shop at most stores on a weekly basis and most of the employees know be my name lol im not kidding, they know my whole life story. If you have a great thrift store who cares about you saving even more money then it wouldn’t hurt to keep up with the daily and local sales. Here in cleveland the thrift store Common Threads (one of my favorite stores) has a sale daily which is very helpful when you are hunting for particular items. Goodwill and Value World have a weekly color sale and sometimes a bonus color sale. SCORE! Also sign up for your local thrift store email list, you will get exclusive coupons and even a birthday coupon( at some locations) COOL HUH!?

#4 Shop in sections

Its like this you will need to have a game plan when you step into the store or you will get side track and forget about what you are shopping for, trust me it has happen many times. What I like to do is according to my list I hunt for my needs first then I work my way to my wants. For example I am looking for a humidifier I will go straight to the houseware section and hopefully i will get what I came in for. Then I will start with my wants accessories,shoes,clothing..etc. You set up what is easiest for you so that way you are not all over the store and getting tired from the hunt. Trust me I go through the clothing racks and my arm hurts and suddenly im tired at least my arm is lol I must be gaining some muscles. Organize what’s best for you.

#5 Have fun hunting BUT remember you are more than a shopper!

Did you know that thrifting is saving YOU money when you shop second hand BUT did you know that you are helping eliminating waste? That is right! Did you know that 294 million tons of waste go into landfills yearly YIKES right?! Thank you for doing your part! You also are supporting your local community when you choose to shop second hand. You are helping support local jobs and supporting a whole movement. You are amazing thank you for being apart of the THRIFT movement. Tell everyone to shop second hand!

Waste in a landfill

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