Growing up in the 1990’s

I recall a past time in my life the 90’s were everything and I didn’t know at the time how lucky I was to be able to grow in this era. When I was a kid we played all day outside and I never wore shoes ha can you believe it?!!! I love this time of my life because it is major nostalgia and I can not express how cool it was to be a kid in the 90’s. I loved spice girls, tea sets, and of course Titanic (oh jack)! I was a mean cook with my easy baked oven and I had a killer mixtape lol. Now lets talk fashion I remember as far back my mother dressed me like a girly girly and I did get into dresses and such later in life but I was a tomboy. I wanted to wear t-shirts, boots, straight legged denim lol and just be a wild child. As I got into my tween years I preformed getting ready rituals. First Britney spears or nsync was jamming on my 5 disc stereo. Second had to get the hair done so high ponytail it was and don’t forget the color clips for the little baby hairs in the front, spray with tons of RAVE hair spray. Next was makeup always pick a color that was two shades darker than your skin tone, add some glitter to your eyes, smack on some wet and wild lip gloss the roller kind and don’t forget to spray with elizabeth arden sunflower perfume.

90’s Fashion

I wanted to share some of my looks that I created recently as I was going back in time (i wish). Most of my selection founded in thrift stores and heavenly sales I must say I am the best at staying with in a budget. My hope is you find joy and open your mind to shopping second hand. Be you because there is only one YOU! Happy thrifting Peace out!!!!

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