My Honest Beauty Review:MaryKay

I wanted to switch gears and talk with you about beauty. I feel it is important to not only share the inside of our beauty to the world, but also show how I am feeling on the outside. I love to pamper myself, and I am all for anything beauty. I live a very budget-friendly lifestyle as most of you know I thrift shop for most of my clothing for my whole family too. I have extra money to be able to afford my beauty items. I learn not to splurge but I purchase what is best for me.

I recently attended a MaryKay party. I was looking for something budget friendly and effective. I am starting to see a difference in my skin as I am getting older and wiser. I want to share with you my honest review about the products I have sampled so far. I am a big supporter for woman empowering other woman. And I support small business. I am always willing to support woman in my community. I know MaryKay is a global company, but these woman are supporting their families, teaching woman about skin care and make-up, and giving woman the confidence they need. These woman are killing it in the skin care and make up world. Please see video below for my review.

Please share your experience with skin care and make up with me. It can be MaryKay or other brands.

One thought on “My Honest Beauty Review:MaryKay

  1. I used to love MaryKay back in the day. Since then I’ve become a fan of other lines I buy through Sephora (Laura Mercier, Tart, Bare Minerals, NARS, Urban Decay). Recently I’ve started using Arbonne products, which are vegan and PETA certified. I love the way my skin feels and looks – it’s been a huge game changer for me. Use what works for you! Stoked you’re making moves to better your skin!

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