What I look for in a top quality thrift store.

I have people often ask me how I can go into unorganized thrift stores and not be overwhelmed with the hunting process. Honestly I know that exact feeling. I have to admit there have been days when I did not even have the energy to go shopping. As I became more experienced in my craft, I started to rate thrift stores on different categorizes. ENJOY!

  1. The location of the thrift store. Higher income neighborhoods means better thrift finds.
  2. The cleanliness of the store. I mean why not?
  3. The clothing is organized by size or color but I prefer size.
  4. The prices are priced at thrift store rates and not department store prices. Also when you are donating item that are new it would be best to remove the tags. Most stores price the item higher.
  5. The store has a weekly or daily sale.
  6. There is a dressing room to try on clothing. I know some people can go without but I like to see the item visual on myself.
  7. The variety and quantity of items in the store.
  8. Customer service. This is a big deal for me. I have had in my past no so good service and totally turned me off from wanting to shop at the establishment. When this happens I often talk to a manager if problem is not resolved I reach out to corporate and also get the worker’s name, date, and time.
  9. The mission of the company. Are you supporting a local family ran store or a chain store? Does the thrift store bring jobs to the locals or give back to the community? Do your research to know where your money is going.
  10. The overall experience. If I enjoyed myself or not so much I always give a store another chance over time some days are just off days for myself.

What do you look for in a thrift store?

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