Valentine day looks 2020

I had recently made a look(outfits) list for each month and for February I am focusing on Valentines day. Heres the list down below.

Some people hate it some people love it either way I wanted to do something fun for my Valentines day.

I am guilty of loving this holiday

I put together four looks. The outfits I created were thrifted or I already had them in my closet. It just takes a little creativity and motivation to get yourself putting together amazing outfits! I had to try on most of the outfits and I am not the best picture taker but I tried! Well enjoy!

The first I put together is warm and cozy, As you all know I am from the North, Cleveland, Ohio. It is quite cold in the winter so sweaters are great. I paired the red knitted sweater with black pants or you could do black jeans. You can create a casual look by adding flat black boot or add some booties with a heel to make it more dressy. I accessorized with my silver hoops( I love my hoops) and two heart bracelets. This look could be worn at the office, school, or a date night,

The second look is more dressy. I put a long sleeve black under my dress because it is freezing here in Cleveland, Ohio. I love the bright red and the contrast of the black really brings out the red. I went for a open toe sho with a black strap. I went with pink flower earrings just to put some pink with the red, I love that color combination. This look is perfect for a valentines night out for dinner or a valentine’s day dance.

The third look is a one piece long romper. I can only dream I could wear this outside but in Cleveland it is 30 degrees so this is wishful thinking. If you are in the warmer climate this is perfect. You could pair this with a jean jacket and some cute tan wedges or scrappy white and tan sandals. I accessorized with red bracelets and a simple silver necklace. This look is great for a date at the beach, out for the day. or dress it up for an evening date.

The final look I put together is casual and cute. As you can see I did not do too much red or pink. The flower shirt is just enough color but not over doing it. I wore jeans a olive green utility jacket(one of my favorite jackets) And brownish tan flat booties. I accessorized with a pop of color my pink purse( I love color) and fuchsia colored hoops. This look is great for school, casual date, and day out.

I hope you can find some inspiration for looks on Valentines Day. Have fun with your outfits and always be confident in yourself. Rock that outfit girl!

Share your thoughts with me about your looks for valentines day.

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