About Me

I am born and raised in Ohio. I’m from a city called Lorain, OH. I am in my early thirties and I am currently living in cleveland, OH.

People from cleveland love to brag about their city. Weird but true.

I am a wife, mother, small business owner, and a hot mess at times. I decided to start sharing my experiences with you about the thing I do in my spare time thrifting. I am a shopper aka shopaholic! I know your thinking how can this lady be able to afford shopping with a family to take care of & bills to pay? It’s hard to shop with little to no money so I will share how I first got into thrifting. I was a spoiled child I got whatever I wanted (thanks mom and dad). I soon realize as a adult living on my own I could not afford the finer thing in life I once had. I started to find other resources to be able to afford my wants and needs. I discovered GoodWill (as if! it’s been there for years lol I had just got the 411). If your not familiar with this place you need to get with it ASAP!

Goodwill was my first thrifting experience.

It is a second hand store where clothing and goods are donated and distributed back into the community for a small price or not so small price depending on where you shop. The day I found goodwill I was hooked the rest is history. My number one rule to share with you is if you find something you like or love please buy it now! It will definitely not be in store the next time you visit by the way some stores will let you do a hold for so many hours. I have learned in my 10 years of thrifting in Lorain county and Cuyahoga county the daily deals and what times and days to get the most for your money. I also would like to add that I always donate especially when I’m cleaning out mine and the kids closets back to local thrift shops. This way I’m giving back to the community and not producing waste. Most of my advice will be coming from a local of cleveland Ohio. I can not wait to inform and educate on the treasure hunt and money saving techniques I have been working on for the past couple years! Enjoy! Happy thrifting!

Me at a local thrift store in cleveland,Ohio trying on hats. Love vintage!

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